Ad tech


Time To Turn On The TV

As the lines between online and off continue to blur, more and more start-ups are turning to traditional media to help build their brands and attract new customers

Ed tech


Must Try Harder: Ed Tech On The Rise But Still Much To Be Done

The 2011 Review of Education Capital reported that state-maintained schools in England and Wales spent £487 million on ICT in 2009-2010 but the official report could find no evidence that had resulted in any improvement in student education. The report’s findings demonstrate two things: there is a lot of money in education technology (ed tech)



King Saga: The Story Behind The Maker Of Candy Crush Saga

Early in its life King, the makers of the popular Candy Crush Saga, came within a day of going bust, yet months later landed an eye-popping $23 million A round. It has pivoted not once but twice and in doing so produced one of the world’s most successful games out of London and then floated

Internet Of Things


Wearable Users Set To Triple In 2015

If pundits are right, before long pulling your phone out to text or email, or heaven forbid, to make a call, will mark you as being hopelessly unhip.



Evolution Of The Marketplace

In the early days of the web Craigslist’s horizontal listing-based marketplace was all things to all people as speed, simplicity and liquidity were the key success factors in the market. A few vertical competitors emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s, illustrated by sites like Monster, 1stdibs and HomeAway. These sites typically retained a