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Going Global From France

Europe is full of national champions and U.S. companies are very good at snapping them up in their bid to build international giants. But that is starting to change as European start-ups get better at the art of scaling. Sweden has a particularly good track record: think Qliktech, MySQL and Spotify. Now the French are

Ed tech


Must Try Harder: Ed Tech On The Rise But Still Much To Be Done

The 2011 Review of Education Capital reported that state-maintained schools in England and Wales spent £487 million on ICT in 2009-2010 but the official report could find no evidence that had resulted in any improvement in student education. The report’s findings demonstrate two things: there is a lot of money in education technology (ed tech)



Can Banks Become Platform Businesses?

Financial institutions are looking enviously at platform companies, such as Apple and Amazon, but are you quite sure you want to be in a business that gives away most of its profits



King Saga: The Story Behind The Maker Of Candy Crush Saga

Early in its life King, the makers of the popular Candy Crush Saga, came within a day of going bust, yet months later landed an eye-popping $23 million A round. It has pivoted not once but twice and in doing so produced one of the world’s most successful games out of London and then floated

Internet Of Things


What’s Next For London?

If London's traditional tech strengths (if it makes sense to talk about "traditions" for such a new sector) then what are the new sectors that are attracting entrepreneurs and interest?. Informilo spoke to industry insiders. The Internet of Things and education technology (edtech) are the next hot sectors. The Internet of Things The UK government



Tech Is Redefining The Health Sector

For more than a century, the classic image of mental health therapy has been a patient on a sofa sharing problems with a psychologist sitting on the opposite side of the room. But that scene could soon be replaced by fingers on a keyboard pouring out thoughts in a chat conversation to a therapist on

Sharing Economy

Top 25 Hottest European Collaborative Economy Start-Ups

To identify the most promising collaborative consumption start-ups in Europe Informilo asked some of the most active investors to nominate and evaluate companies outside their own portfolios. Europe has some strong entrants in areas such as collaborative consumption, big data and social gaming . Some, like Hailo, Housetrip, Funding Circle, Datasift and BlaBlaCar  are well-known,



The Future Of Shopping

Napoleon once dismissed Britain as “a nation of shopkeepers.” The description is still apt, but if researchers are right there may soon be a lot fewer of them. The Centre for Retail Research’s analysis of how UK retailing will change by 2018 predicts that total store numbers will fall by 22%, from 281,930 to 220,000