Why I Am Joining Informilo As Co-Editor-in-Chief

In the canon of great cinematic works few shine brighter than the
seminal “Princess Diaries”, a rich guide to life’s turmoils. “The
brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all,” as
Edouard Christoph Philippe Gérard Rinaldi, Prince of Genovia so wisely
said. It is time to live a bit.

After three very happy — and with some degree of modesty I think I can
say successful — years as the Technology Editor for The Wall Street
Journal here in Europe, I am absolutely delighted to be joining
Jennifer Schenker as co-Editor-in- Chief here at Informilo.

Being tech editor of the WSJ you do attract the odd job offer or two
(I don’t mean offers of odd jobs) and it is hard to leave the world’s
greatest newspaper (sorry to any journalist who is not at the WSJ, but
it really is) so where I went had to be somewhere with the same
commitment to quality journalism and share the same integrity.

I have been a long-term fan of Jennifer’s magazines (it is amazing
how, over the last four years, she produces them almost single
handedly) and have kept many of them over the last few years. When she
approached me it was not that hard a call to make.

I also blame you entrepreneurs. If you spend your life talking to
entrepreneurs, writing about them, interviewing them, it is inevitable
that some of that zeal rubs off. How can you write articles
encouraging people to become entrepreneurs, pushing them out of their
comfort zone, from under the cover of the world’s greatest newspaper?
Who refuses to take a call from a WSJ reporter?

So I have left my comfort zone. I have handed in my company Amex, my
box of business cards, and have swapped them for the uncertain winds
of entrepreneurial journalism. We have great plans for Informilo, not
just the same high-quality journalism that the magazine has become
famous for, but other projects too. Watch this space.




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