Informilo’s Top 10 Stories of 2014

It is pretty clear what our most popular category of story is…

  1. Top 25 Fastest-Growing Internet Companies in Europe
    This was for the NOAH edition coming out in November.
  2. Top 25 Hottest Tel Aviv Start-Ups
    Not surprisingly this was for the DLD Tel Aviv edition, which came out at the start of September.
  3. Top 25 Hottest Fintech Start-Ups
    Sibos is the annual conference for Swift, which describes itself as “the world’s premier financial services event.” We have done a magazine for the Innotribe event at Sibos since 2012.
  4. Top 25 Hottest European Early-Stage Companies
    We did a magazine that was distributed at the Web Summit in Dublin, Europe’s largest start-up conference.
  5. Top 25 Hottest Financial Services Start-Ups
    This is an interesting one. This story was actually part of the Sibos 2013 edition, but has remained very popular throughout the year.
  6. Taboola And Israel’s Next $1 Billion Companies
    Our first non-top-25 story; this ran in the NOAH edition. This looked at Israel’s thriving tech scene and its “unicorns.”
  7. Top 25 Hottest Nordic And Baltic Start-Ups
    This was the first time we had done a magazine for Slush. Obviously we were going to focus on local companies.
  8. Israel’s Unicorns
    Showing the strength of Israel’s tech scene, an earlier version of the story above was a big hit. This ran in the DLD Tel Aviv edition; we updated it for the NOAH conference.
  9. Top 25 Hottest CEE Start-Ups
    This year was also the first year we had done a magazine for Pioneers. The focus of the top 25 was on Central and Eastern European start-ups.
  10. Avicii: A (Web) Star Is Born
    The manager of global music star Avicii was a guest speaker at Slush. He spoke to us about how Sweden’s star used the web to turn talent into success.

It has been a great year for Informilo. We did 11 magazines, in nine countries, including for the first time, London Technology Week, Pioneers Festival and Slush, alongside magazines for DLD in Munich and Tel Aviv, Sibos, Campus London, NOAH, Dublin Web Summit, Mobile World Congress/4 Years From Now and ending the year with what has become almost a seasonal traditional ending to the tech year, the LeWeb conference in Paris.

We also re-launched the magazine and this site, shifting to a new platform.

Our first magazine for next year will be at DLD in Munich. Not all the magazine’s content goes on line, there are some stories only available in print.