Liat Segal: Fusion Of Tech And Art

Liat Segal, a member of Tel Aviv’s maker community and a speaker at DLD Tel Aviv, left a job at Microsoft Innovation Labs to become a full-time artist specializing in the fusion of art and tech.

The photo featured below is from her People You May Know exhibition at Hansen House, a former leper hospital in Jerusalem now used for new media exhibitions; the show ran from December 6, 2014 to January 16, 2015. During the past 12 months Segal has also exhibited at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Liat Segal: People You May Know

The title stems from Facebook’s suggestion to its users to connect with others to expand their circle. Segal’s exploration of identity, personalization and intimacy on the Internet led her to use Facebook as a case study as well as a study from which she samples data for her art.

People You May Know consists of a collection of audio speakers hanging in the gallery space, each playing monologues taken from personal Facebook profiles of the artist’s friends. The way the voice moves is determined by an algorithm that chooses the path in real time.

“Many times I see personal dimensions and human behaviors through technological and scientific prisms,” says Segal. “I am intrigued by the ways we consume and analyze information and the effects information flow has on our self identities, memory, choices and intimacy. I observe the daily exposure people nowadays have to vast amounts of data, data that is continuously supplied and collected by and on us and the focus span we can give to ephemeral details in the stream.”

As an undergraduate at Tel Aviv University she studied computational biology and machine learning, mathematics, computer science and biology. Her graduate research was in bioinformatics and machine learning.



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