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Informilo is an independent media company that produces high-quality, independent journalism for the major technology conferences in Europe and further. Informilo’s stories look in depth at the key trends affecting industry today, provide unparalleled insights and are a permanent resource of reference material.


Ben Rooney

Ben Rooney was the technology editor for The Wall Street Journal in Europe before leaving the paper to join Informilo. In a long and award-winning career Rooney was the launch editor of the UK’s first daily online web newspaper, the Electronic Telegraph, in November 1994 having joined the newspaper’s foreign desk operation three years previously. He went on to edit the technology section for the UK’s leading quality broadsheet before leaving the paper in 2000 just in time for the dotcom bust. After setting up the European operation for a West-Coast start-up (or dotcom as they were known in those days) which successfully exited, Rooney became a freelance  writer for UK newspapers and magazines, writing for the Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian amongst others. For five years Rooney was also a PHP and Ruby on Rails web developer before joining The Wall Street Journal. He is the author of four books and was voted Tech Journalist of the Year in 2013 by his peers. Contact Ben: ben@informilo.com