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Xoolgers Bring An Internet First Approach To TV

Xoolgers Bring An Internet First Approach To TV

When the cauldron lights up at Sochi’s Olympic Stadium next month it will mark not only the start of the Games but also a 17-day experiment testing new ways to engage TV audiences.Modern Times Group, or MTG, the Swedish broadcaster with operations in 35 countries, is broadcasting the Games for the first time in its

Digital Reboot

The way to capture the story of classified advertising in the 21st century is simple, says Peter Zollman, a former newspaperman turned interactive media and digital classified consultant. Imagine an “X.” The line that sweeps down, left to right, is that of major U.S. newspapers’ classified advertising revenues. The rising line is Craigslist’s.“Just compare the

Turning Ads Into Viral Mega-Hits

Visitors to Unruly Media’s headquarters are greeted by statements spelled out in cursive neon that speak volumes about the London-based start-up’s focus. The quotes — “nyan, nyan, nyan,” “Go tell that, homeboy,” and “Boom goes the dynamite,” from Nyan Cat, Antoine Dodson and internet sportscaster Brian Collins, may have yet to enter the canon, but

Dealroom Seeks To Improve Europe’s Deal Flow

Yoram Wijngaarde is on a mission to reshape Europe's start-up and venture capital dating scene. The Dealroom founder wants to eliminate time-wasting meetings between ill-matched start-ups and venture capitalists. He also wants to eliminate proprietary VC deals that restrict start-ups’ options and lock others out. But most of all, he wants to end that frustration

The Age of Personalized Advertising

Before making the movie “Minority Report,” Steven Spielberg was strugglingto imagine life in 2050. So he assembled a group of leading science and technology thinkers to spend a weekend dreaming up the future. One of the film’s most memorable depictions was the personalized advertising, where in-store and outdoor advertising addressed consumers directly, taking into account

Schibsted’s Digital Reboot

When Norwegian media group Schibsted launched, an online classified site, in 2000 the company’s executives knew it would cannibalize a vital revenue stream for its more than 140-year-old national newspaper Aftenposten and its sibling Verdens Gang. It was hard seeing the traditional business suffer, but the publishing company, which was first launched in 1839,

Social Media’s Impact On Brands

Like fireworks, dozens of small dots flare up and fade over a map of the world on a big screen on Lars Silberbauer’s office wall at LEGO’s headquarters in Billund, Denmark. Each dot represents a social media conversation happening in real time across the toy maker’s 130 markets. Three other 60-inch screens show the stream

Going Digital: An Interview With WPP’s Mark Read

Global digital advertising spending broke through the $100 billion barrier last year, according to eMarketer, meaning that desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile advertising now accounts for about a fifth of the market. While the milestone made for eye-catching headlines, it’s only the first phase of an inexorable revolution which will see the advertising and marketing

Digital Dublin

After visiting Ireland last year for the first time for the F.ounders conference, Ryan Smith, founder of the survey software company Qualtrics, decided to set up the company’s international headquarters in the Irish capital. It was the first time the Salt Lake City start-up opened an office outside its own headquarters. Although the decision to