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The 4 Years From Now Start-Up Finalists

The 4 Years From Now Start-Up Finalists

4 Years From Now, a new event focused on start-ups and taking place during Mobile World Congress, will host the Mobile Startup Competition, a contest that seeks to find three winners out of ten finalists based on creativity, originality, innovation and scalability.The finalists, picked from about 450 entries, will pitch to a judging panel that

The App Express

Just before the start of Mobile World Congress, 36 strangers — 12 “creative minds,” 12 software engineers and 12 business school students — who will meet for the first time that morning, will board a high-speed train at Barcelona’s Sants station with the goal of creating apps, successfully pitching investors, and forming companies, all in

Hans Ulrich Olbrist On The Intersection Of Art And Technology

Hans Ulrich Obrist, a scheduled speaker at DLD14 and co-director of exhibitions and programs and director of international projects at London’s Serpentine Galleries,  is a noted critc, curator and historican of art. He has launched a handwriting project on Instagram and a project called 89plus which brings artists togehter from all over the world. He

€7 Million, Seven Contestants, Seven Judges…Three Winners

Outfittery, a Berlin-based personal online shopping service for men that is creating lots of buzz in the market, aims to win over reluctant male shoppers. Its tagline? “We take the pain out of shopping.” The male shopper fills out an online questionnaire that is followed up with a phone call from his “personal stylist.” After

Sweden Helps Define The Future Of TV

While traditional television broadcasters struggle to adapt their vast empires to the new realities of YouTube, smartphones, tablets and time-shifting viewing devices, nimble newcomers, including Stockholm’s United Screens, MTG and Magine, are seeking to shape the future of TV by redefining the way content is transmitted, consumed and monetized. Changes in media consumption have created

Game On

Istanbul-based Peak Games’s farming simulation games don’t include pigs or vineyards. Tailoring for the local market consists, among other things, of women characters wearing the hijab and creating the online equivalent of a Turkish coffeehouse’s ambiance — including the smoke, coffee and baklava. If that sounds too niche to be interesting think again. Three-year-old Peak

Facebook Woos Israeli Developers

It’s no accident that DLD Tel Aviv Festival, Israel’s hottest digital conference, will this year host what Facebook expects to be the largest platform developers’ event it has ever organized on non-U.S. soil.  While Facebook developer events attract 250 people in cities like London and Paris, more than double that number are expected to show

Next Up: 3D Printable Robots

A decade ago when Limor Schweitzer went looking for investors to back his plan to develop small humanoid robots that would perform kung-fu moves and transform video games into reality venture capitalists weren’t interested, so he developed the technology with his own resources.“One response I got back in 2004 from potential investors was, ‘we don’t