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Top 25 Hottest London Start-Ups

Top 25 Hottest London Start-Ups

London’s established successful tech companies include Shazam, Wonga, Mind Candy, Songkick and Alfresco. Informilo polled some of the most active venture capital in London to come up with a list of the current hot crop of start-ups, including many below the radar. Nominations are vetted by the group and only those companies that get votes by non-investors make it on to the list.

Schenker Steps Down As Informilo Editor

Jennifer Schenker, the founder of Informilo, has resigned as CEO and Editor. In an agreed statement, Schenker said: “I am proud of the 42 print magazines Informilo published in 14 countries under my leadership, of the support I garnered from sponsors, the subscription service I launched and the more than a dozen networking events I

Top 25 Mobile Start Ups To Watch 2016

To identify the most promising global mobile start-ups Informilo asked some of the most active investors around the globe to nominate and evaluate companies outside their own portfolios. Some are well-known, others are below the radar but unlikely to stay that way for long. Here are our 2016 picks for the Top 25. B2B Aircall

Top 25 EMEA Start-Ups to Watch In 2016

To identify the Top 25 EMEA companies to watch in 2016, Informilo asked investors to nominate start-ups outside their own portfolios. Since Europe and Israel have an abundance of great start-ups we have not included late-stage companies that are expected to IPO in the next 12 to 18 months such as Spotify, Outbrain, Taboola, Adyen, Klarna, Takeaway and Delivery Hero.