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London’s Digital Revolution Is Incomplete

London’s Digital Revolution Is Incomplete

Home to dazzling start-ups, the best access to early stage capital in Europe, a world-famous arts and design scene, a global financial center and 20+ category-breakout tech companies including Funding Circle, JUST EAT, King, Mimecast, Transferwise, Swiftkey and Zoopla, London today is the center of Europe’s digital revolution. But it’s an Internet-led success story which

Putting London Fintech On The Global Map

Adam Joyce and James Smith no longer wear pinstripes. They have left jobs in the City, London’s financial district, and now work alongside T-shirt-clad dreamers in Campus London. There, in Seedcamp’s fourth floor co-working space, they are trying to invent the future of banking services. Joyce, a soft-spoken mathematician, honed his skills at an options

Where Should You Go Public?

While the New York exchanges, NASDAQ and NYSE, have traditionally been seen as the place to list for tech companies from around the world, the London Stock Exchange is fighting back, having introduced the High Growth Segment to attract entrepreneurial companies to list in London, and changing the rules for companies listed on the AIM

London Tech Needs Immigrants

Adbrain, one of the most successful companies to come out of Campus London to date, attributes its achievements — which include attracting over $8 million in funding and partnerships with some of the biggest names in advertising — to having a diverse international team. The adtech company’s 30 employees include 12 different nationalities, many of

London’s Traditional Tech Strengths

It took only six months for Adbrain, a Campus London start-up focused on targeted digital advertising across multiple devices, to move from idea to assembling a four-person team, developing a product and pitching for a $1.5 million seed round. One year later, the company, which was originally formed inside the Entrepreneur First program on the

Campus Looks To Scale

In many ways, Campus London’s trajectory is much like that of any successful start-up: the first phase was all about establishing a minimum viable product. The next stage is all about scaling.London already had plenty of accelerators and co-working spaces when Google decided to launch Campus London. What London needed was a hub that would

Top 25 Hottest Google Campus Start-Ups

Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs have worked out of Campus in the last two years. Some have worked out of the basement; others have been hosted at Campus by Seedcamp, TechHub or accelerators such as Bethnal Green Ventures and Entrepreneurs First. Informilo reviewed the start-ups that have been based on Campus and with the help


Can Entrepreneurs Have Young Families?

Long hours with no downtime. Nerves frazzled from multitasking. Sleep deprivation. Such is the life of an entrepreneur or a new parent. Doing both at the same time? Not for the faint hearted. Getting the work/life balance right is a challenge for every entrepreneur on or off Campus and all the more so for young