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Why Politics and Policy Should Matter To Start-Ups

Why Politics and Policy Should Matter To Start-Ups

The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec) is an independent non-profit lobbying group which represents tech start-ups and entrepreneurs to government on policy and regulatory issues. It was formed in response to the 2010 Digital Economy Act’s passage through parliament to give start-ups a voice alongside of corporate giants in key policy discussions. Today Coadec,

TechHub’s Start-Ups Forge Strong Bonds

Using TechHub’s office space has been transformational for Planvine, a start-up that aims to build the world’s largest distribution and advertising network for events. Planvine cut the time it needs to collect calendar info for its events site from four hours to four minutes by using the technology of another TechHub member-data extraction specialist

Start Up And Never Stop

Fifty-four hours, one goal: to create a winning start-up.  At its most basic, that’s the point of Startup Weekend. “If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to put yourself in the entrepreneur’s shoes,” says Deborah Rippol, the organization’s European Coordinator. “A lot of people talk about creating companies, but they never take the

Adbrain Moved From Idea To Fund-Raising in Record Time

If there were any doubts that a Campus program targeting individual entrepreneurs could build promising companies with global ambitions in record time, AdBrain, a start-up developing a real time, multi-screen digital advertising platform, is dispelling them. The young company, formed inside the Entrepreneur First program on the third floor of Campus, is in the process

Britain’s Got (Tech) Talent

An ever-growing number of tech incubators and accelerators select start-ups based on the strength of their teams, rather than their business ideas, which frequently fizzle out in their earliest iterations. But few, if any, use the blueprint developed by Entrepreneur First, a talent accelerator that targets graduates, who apply individually, with neither pitch nor partner.

How Campus Became The Heart Of Tech City

With the help of partners Seedcamp, TechHub, Central Working, Coadec and Start-up Weekend as well as accelerators like Springboard (now Techstars), Bethnal Green Ventures, and Entrepreneur First, Campus London has become the heart of Tech City, hosting weekly mentoring programs, speaker series and many networking events for the start-up community that keep the meeting rooms

Brewed On Campus

Central Working, the crowded open seating area at Campus London, doesn’t just make great coffee; it is playing a central role in brewing new start-ups. Entrepreneurs, like the java they sip by day and the beers they drink to unwind in the evening, benefit from infusion and fermentation, and Central Working provides that plus filtering.