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Facebook’s Joanna Shields on Mobile and Social

Facebook’s Joanna Shields on Mobile and Social

Joanna Shields, Facebook’s Vice President and Managing Director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has played an important role in Europe’s Internet scene for over a decade.After moving to the UK in 2000 to run Real Networks International, she served as Google’s Managing Director of Syndication and Partnerships for EMEA.  She left Google to

E-Commerce 3.0: Europe’s Fab Future

European start-ups know only too well that being first does not necessarily mean winning. Several pioneered e-commerce models such as flash sales and selling eyeglasses on-line but did not become global giants, while U.S. copycats  raised gobs of money and gained considerable  traction, thanks to the deep pockets of Silicon Valley venture funds and the

Europe’s New Data Protection Rules

Viviane Reding, the Vice-President of the European Commission, is spearheading reform of Europe’s data protection laws. Reding, a scheduled speaker at the DLD conference in Munich January 22-24, negotiated a major overhaul of the Continent’s telecommunications sector as the member of the Commission responsible for Information Society and Media from 2004-2010. The reforms included a

A Global Exchange For Personal Data

Can SWIFT, the global financial services provider, succeed in doing what Microsoft and other tech titans famously failed to achieve? It is exploring an initiative that could provoke a sea change on the Internet that is so significant and so widespread in scope that the digerati say it could mirror the shift from mainframes to

25 of Europe’s Hottest Digital Media Companies

To identify the most promising Internet companies in Europe Informilo asked some of the Continent’s most active investors to nominate companies outside their own portfolios. While companies copying existing business models are doing well we chose to spotlight innovative European technologies or business models, from early to late stage. We did not include music and