DLD 2014 articles

Merging Man And Machine

Merging Man And Machine

When IBM announced on January 9th that it is investing $1 billion in a series of initiatives around Watson, a class of software, services and apps that think, improve by learning, and discover insights and answers to complex questions from massive amounts of Big Data, the company proclaimed a new era of machine-human collaboration, one

The Future of Retail

More than 95% of browsers leave e-commerce sites without buying. Brick-and-mortar stores enjoy a much higher conversion rate: on average some 20% of shoppers at fashion boutiques make a purchase, 50% of those who enter electronics stores buy merchandise, while only 5% of people who go to the grocery store leave empty-handed. The key, as

RealNetworks’ Reinvention

Uploading videos to YouTube is easy enough. But viewing and sharing them on multiple devices? Not so much. Enter media software company RealNetworks, which plans to announce the global rollout of its cloud storage and sharing service RealPlayer Cloud at DLD14 in Munich.In the 1990s RealNetworks developed one of the first popular formats and associated

Waze And Means

Noam Bardin is the CEO of Waze, the Israeli crowd-sourced navigation and mapping app that sold to Google last summer for $1.15 billion. Bardin, who holds a B.A. in Economics from Hebrew University and a Masters of Public Administration from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, is scheduled to speak publicly for the

Bitcoin and The Future Of Money

The scene is a restaurant in 2020. A waitress has just left the check on the table for a group of friends dining together. Mobile phones are pulled out, and the diners take turns scanning a code on the bill. One person slips something that looks like a credit card out of her wallet. Her

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels Talks About The Cloud And The Future Of Computing

Werner Vogels, a scheduled speaker at DLD14, is chief technology officer and vice-president at Amazon.com. Vogel, who is in charge of driving technology innovation within the company, has played a key role in developing Amazon’s Web Services and so has a unique view on the way people and businesses use the cloud. He recently spoke

Xoolgers Bring An Internet First Approach To TV

When the cauldron lights up at Sochi’s Olympic Stadium next month it will mark not only the start of the Games but also a 17-day experiment testing new ways to engage TV audiences.Modern Times Group, or MTG, the Swedish broadcaster with operations in 35 countries, is broadcasting the Games for the first time in its

Top 25 EMEA Companies To Watch In 2014

Europe and Russia have a strong crop of established tech high-fliers like Mind Candy, King, Supercell, Rovio, Ozon, Wonga, Just Eat, Spotify, Adyen and Klarna. Informilo is focusing its 2014 Companies To Watch list on the next generation of growth companies. To identify the most promising companies Informilo asked angel investors and VCs to nominate

Finland’s Billion Dollar Babies

It is no surprise that top-tier angel investors and venture capitalists from Europe and the U.S. have been flocking to Slush, a start-up conference in Helsinki.The phenomenal success and high valuations of Finnish start-ups Rovio, Supercell, and MySQL are creating lots of interest in this Nordic country. Europe still doesn’t build that many billion-dollar Internet

Rethinking Personal Data

It is no surprise that data privacy and security will once again be discussed at DLD14 and at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos. The question, “how safe is your data,” is not limited to what the U.S.’s National Security Agency or other governments do with it. With more than six billion people