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Can Russia’s Yandex Bring Freedom of Choice to Search?

Can Russia’s Yandex Bring Freedom of Choice to Search?

Outside of Russia, the U.S., China, South Korea and the Czech Republic, there is little, if any, competition in search. While no other search provider can yet challenge Google on a global scale, Russia’s Yandex is out to prove that the game isn’t over yet. Last year Yandex, Russia’s most popular Internet search engine, raised

Data Loss Protection: The Next Frontier

The IT security landscape was a very different place in 1997. Hardly anybody was online and computers were mostly threatened by macro viruses that arrived via infected documents that people shared via floppy disk. Spotting the potential market for software that combated the growing menace of malware, Russia-based Eugene and Natalya Kaspersky founded their eponymous

Cyber Attacks Become A National and Global Security Issue

Cyber attacks sound like the stuff of dystopian nightmares, something from a novel of the future. But they’ve been a very real part of the security landscape for many years, and the attacks have ranged from malevolent pranks to embarrass businesses to the sustained series of assaults on Estonia’s infrastructure in 2007. The attacks on

Top 25 Hottest Russian Start-ups

To identify the most promising Russian Internet companies Informilo asked investors in Moscow, London, New York, Boston and Silicon Valley to nominate and vote on companies outside of their own portfolios. Many of the companies have moved their headquarters to the U.S. but all on the list have Russian roots. Some are well known, others

VCs Are Flocking to Russia

Russia is experiencing a gold rush of sorts, as venture funds from the U.S and Europe attempt to cash in on the largest and fastest-growing Internet market in Europe. Esther Dyson recognized early that innovation was occurring outside Silicon Valley. So, she began nurturing young start-ups in emerging markets, investing in Russia as far back

Oskar Hartmann Ventures Into The Fast Lane

Refined, adjusted, adapted, copied…all words that have been used to describe what entrepreneur Oskar Hartmann borrowed did with a variety of western online retailing websites when he created online shopping club KupiVIP,which looks and feels very much like vente-privee.com and similar sites such as Privalia. While one could make a convincing argument for each definition,

Russia’s E-Commerce Boom

Russia, Europe’s biggest and fastest-growing Internet market, is red hot. With a skyrocketing number of Internet and mobile users, but a still underdeveloped commercial environment, the opportunity to build phenomenally successful domestic e-commerce businesses is huge. A 2012 e-commerce report by EWDN.com is projecting that the Russian e-commerce market will be worth between $40 billion

Russia’s Consummate Connector

Sasha Galitsky, a scheduled speaker at DLD Moscow, a conference taking place May 27-29,  is one of the most influential persons in the Russian tech industry. A a tech pioneer, serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and consummate connector, on any given day you might find him in the Kremlin or hanging out at Eric Schmidt’s office