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Israel: Font of Innovation For Big Corporates

Israel: Font of Innovation For Big Corporates

When Apple acquired flash memory controller start-up Anobit Technologies in January for $390 million– a first acquisition in Israel for the Cupertino, California-based company – the start-up’s team weren’t the only ones celebrating. A tweet went out from the prime minister’s office welcoming Apple to Israel. Israel has been particularly successful in attracting big U.S.

Tel Aviv: The Start-Up Nation’s Hub

When a local venture capitalist discovered that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had published a map of the city on Facebook pinpointing all of the city’s start-ups he offered a case of fine wine to the first person in Israel who managed to produce a similar guide for Tel Aviv. An immigrant from NYCserving

Q & A With Israel’s Chief Scientist

Avi Hasson is the chief scientist of Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, a government office that specializes in helping entrepreneurs turn ideas and science into commercial companies. Prior to his appointment last year he spent 10 years as a general partner at Gemini Israel Funds, one of Israel’s top VC firms. At Gemini,

Top 25 Hottest Israeli Start-Ups

To identity the most promising Israeli Internet companies Informilo asked angel investors and VCs in Israel to nominate and vote on companies outside of their own portfolios. Some of the companies have moved their headquarters to the U.S. but all on the list have Israeli roots. The list contains a number of late stage companies

A New Tech Hub: The Palestinian Territories

It is one thing to build a start-up in Silicon Valley. Quite another to launch in the Palestinian territories, where unemployment is rampant, mobility restricted and armed conflict all too common. But tech entrepreneurs are accustomed to overcoming difficult challenges. That is how they come up with products and services that change the world. And

Turning Start-Ups Into Gold

What do you think of when you hear the name Goldfinger — an unscrupulous villain in a James Bond movie or maybe an American ska punk band of the same name? In Israel the response is more likely to be an instant messaging pioneer who continuously tinkers with tech to disrupt markets and uses the proceeds

The British Are Coming

Expect cocktails at DLD Tel Aviv to be packed with ICE. The UK-based International Conclave of Entrepreneurs (or ICE, as it’s more commonly known) is sending a substantial contingent to the conference. Even the British Embassy is getting involved, hosting a reception for the ICE pack to meet Israeli entrepreneurs, officials and investors. “What we’re

Seeding Dreams

As investors are drawn to Tel Aviv like lemmings to the sea, Jeff Pulver, outlier, VoIP pioneer and active business angel and mentor, is moving in the opposite direction, concentrating on filling Israel’s funding gaps. “In 2013 I will be looking for women-led start-ups and Israeli-Arab led start-ups,” says Pulver. And, he adds, he will

All In The Family

Height, eye color, teeth are all things we know are inherited. But what about entrepreneurship; is there a gene? Despite the advancements made by the Human Genome Project, the entrepreneurial gene, if it exists, has not been identified. Yet with these two sets of Israeli brothers – Eyal and Ron Gura and Vitaly and Alex