DLD Tel Aviv 2013 articles

Reaching New Heights

Reaching New Heights

Bottles of brew and bubbly are stowed in ice buckets on the expansive terrace of the seaside Tel Aviv office of Wix, a global web development platform with 38 million registered users. There is a lot to celebrate. The company earlier this month filed with U.S. regulators to raise up to $100 million in an

Google’s Campus Tel Aviv: The New Hub and Hack Space for Israeli Entrepreneurs

At the end of 2012, Google opened new office space in Electra Tower in Central Tel Aviv designed by Switzerland’s Camenzind Evolution in collaboration with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal, featuring an array of creative and uniquely themed landscapes, including an indoor desert. Covering 8,000 square meters, the offices are spread across seven floors

High-Tech Haredim

Members of the Garage Geeks, a group of scrappy, beer-drinking Israeli entrepreneurs who regularly assemble to play Guitar Hero, barbecue meat in the abandoned chassis of a wrecked car, and tinker with tech, were out in full force last May at a “Meet The Industry Leaders” event. On stage were an unlikely duo: Ashton Kutcher,

Facebook Woos Israeli Developers

It’s no accident that DLD Tel Aviv Festival, Israel’s hottest digital conference, will this year host what Facebook expects to be the largest platform developers’ event it has ever organized on non-U.S. soil.  While Facebook developer events attract 250 people in cities like London and Paris, more than double that number are expected to show

Smart Cities:Focus On Millennials

Creating the next Silicon Valley is the new Holy Grail for cities around the world, but there’s no app for that — yet. Capital, mentors, education and entrepreneurial daring all play a role in the elusive ecosystem equation, but this year’s Cities Summit Tel Aviv will look at a broader thread: millennials. International experts are

Israel’s Top 25 Hottest Start-Ups

To identity the most promising Israeli Internet companies Informilo asked angel investors and VCs focused on Israel to nominate and vote on companies outside of their own portfolios. Some of the companies have moved their headquarters to the U.S. but all on the list have Israeli roots. Some are well known: In the belief that

Cisco’s Israel Bet

Cisco’s announcement in June that it will invest $15 million in Israeli venture capital funds — one targeted at security technologies, an area of strategic interest to Cisco, the other focused on supporting the integration of Israelis and Arabs — is yet another example of how the U.S. tech giant is playing a key role

The Intersection Of Art And Technology

GarageGeeks, a group of seasoned Israeli tech entrepreneurs, regularly get together at a crumbling building in Holon, south of Tel Aviv, to build things, including a headless robot that can play Guitar Hero. Rafael Mizrahi, CEO of Feng-GUI, an artificial intelligence service which empowers designers and advertisers to effectively analyze attention and attraction, fits right

Next Up: 3D Printable Robots

A decade ago when Limor Schweitzer went looking for investors to back his plan to develop small humanoid robots that would perform kung-fu moves and transform video games into reality venture capitalists weren’t interested, so he developed the technology with his own resources.“One response I got back in 2004 from potential investors was, ‘we don’t

Israel’s Geeks Give Back

The Israeli founders of Waze and the company’s investors were not the only ones to benefit when Google earlier this year acquired the smartphone navigation app for about $1 billion. Some of Israel’s most disadvantaged kids also reaped rewards, thanks to Tmura, which for the past decade has offered high-tech entrepreneurs the opportunity to donate