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Democratizing Higher Education

Democratizing Higher Education

Imagine if higher education was instantly attainable to anyone, anywhere in the world, and economics and societal constraints were no longer a barrier. That future is already here, thanks to the University of the People, which is being billed as the world’s first tuition-fee, non-profit online academic institution. “The idea is to open the gates

Transforming The Classroom

Esther Wojcicki, known as “Woj” to her students, has never been interested in convention. So, when she left a career in newspapers to teach journalism at California’s Palo Alto High School in 1984, one of the first things she did was to discard all of the traditional text books in her classroom. Since then her

Doctor My Eyes

Focusing on the downside of the digital revolution has helped GUNNAR Optiks raise an undisclosed amount of money from an impressive and eclectic group: PayPal co-founder and angel investor Peter Thiel, rap artist 50 Cent, Monster Cable,
Silicon Valley venture capitalist J. Christopher Burch (who co-founded fashion label Tory Burch, with his ex-wife) and Jack Giarraputo,

Cultivating Compassion

Quick…what’s the difference between empathy and compassion? Most people are hard pressed to come up with a compelling response; that is, until they have had a conversation with Tania Singer, a social neuroscientist and one of the leading researchers probing the foundations of the developmental, neuronal and hormonal mechanisms that underlie human behavior. Singer, a

Managing The Message

Karen Wickre gets what is perhaps the most important thing about any social media channel, be it a blog, Twitter, or any other service: it is what you want it to be; there are no rules. Before becoming editorial director at Twitter, where she shapes the way the company communicates publicly,Wickre spent nine years at

Emotional Commerce

It is one thing to buy a utilitarian object while shopping. It is quite another to make an emotional connection with a beautifully-crafted product with a back-story. “The trend we want to create is emotional commerce, a highly-engaged experience that pulls the customer in, allows them to learn about and cherish the product, buy from us,

EU’s Reding Eyes Quotas For Women On Boards

 Europe’s public companies are not moving quickly enough to make boards more gender balanced, hurtng their own financial performance and hindering  economic growth. European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding, the EU’s Justice Commissioner and a co-chair of DLDwomen, a conference taking place in Munich July 11 and 12, tells Informilo that she wants action. On 1