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Badoo Branches Out

Badoo Branches Out

Russian serial entrepreneur Andrey Andreev is the founder of Badoo, one of the hottest and most valuable Internet companies in Europe and one of the fastest growing social networks globally. Badoo is modeled after Mamba, a popular online dating service that Andreev launched in Moscow more than six years ago, yet another example of Russia’s

The Future Is Here: So Is Silicon Valley

QuBit Digital, a start-up focusing on analyzing big data for business, was founded by four ex-Google employees who funded the new company by selling their own Google options and investing their life savings in the London-based venture. It is no anomaly. Just as the so-called Paypal mafia in Silicon Valley ended up defining the next

Riding U.S. Rails

Touchnote,a 15-person London-based start-up has developed a service that makes it as easy to send any photo from a mobile phone or the Web as a real, printed postcard.  To date it has delivered postcards to over 200 countries and territories and its apps have been downloaded by more than 400,000 people. Like other enterprising European

London’s Bid To Become A Global Tech Hub

London’s bid to become a global tech hub has not escaped the attention of its neighbor across the Channel. When Silicon Valley’s technorati visited London this Fall one group was invited to Buckingham Palace by none other than Prince Andrew. Another was invited to 10 Downing Street to rub shoulders with Prime Minister David Cameron.