LeWeb 2012 articles

Reinventing PayPal

Reinventing PayPal

Swedish shoppers who wanted to buy gifts for friends from retailer Alpingaraget at Christmas were offered an incentive to do so with their mobile phones: PayPal would kick in SEK 49 ($7.35) on top of every free gift card available on Wrapp when Swedish consumers used the mobile payments service instead of a credit card

What’s Next For ZeptoLab?

ZeptoLab, a Russian-British gaming company launched its new game “Pudding Monsters” today at Le Web, an annual Internet conference in Paris organized by Loic and Geraldine Le Meur. The company is hoping for a repeat of its hit game “Cut the Rope.” ZeptoLab is an example of how Europe is — for the first time

Connecting Our Brains To The Internet

At this year’s Le Web, a Paris conference taking place December 4-6, organizers Loic and Geraldine Le Meur won’t just have the Internet on their minds: they plan to literally link their brains to it. The Le Meurs are set to take part in an on-stage demonstration of thought-controlled computing technology developed by InteraXon, a

King’s Facebook Foray Pays Off

King, a 10-year-old online gaming company headquartered in the UK, waited until April 2011 to release its first Facebook game. Some predicted it was too late to get into that game but King.com has surprised the industry: it is now the second-largest game company on Facebook, surpassing Electronic Arts and Wooga. “Facebook has helped us get

The Internet Of Things: The Next Big Market

Always-on broadband access has already changed our relationship to computers, telephones and TV. Now it is transforming our relationship to everything else. Welcome to the Internet of Things, a world in which everything from cows to bicycles is connected to the Internet. The cost and complexity associated with connecting everything to the Net is dramatically

Battle Of The Hubs

Rumors are swirling on Twitter and other social media channels that entrepreneurs are planning to move out of France in reaction to the government’s new capital gains tax rules. “I know a lot of them but they are not to be disclosed,” whispers a veteran French venture capitalist. “No one wants to say publically that

Q & A With Accel Partners’ Philippe Botteri

Philippe Botteri, a judge in the start-up competition at Le Web, an annual Paris-based Internet conference that attracts a global audience, has worked in the technology industry for the past 15 years, most of it based in Silicon Valley. Since joining Accel Partners in London in 2011 Botteri’s focus has primarily been on the Internet,