LeWeb London 2013 articles

Top 25 Hottest European Collaborative Economy Start-Ups

To identify the most promising collaborative consumption start-ups in Europe Informilo asked some of the most active investors to nominate and evaluate companies outside their own portfolios. Europe has some strong entrants in areas such as collaborative consumption, big data and social gaming . Some, like Hailo, Housetrip, Funding Circle, Datasift and BlaBlaCar  are well-known,

Big Players Move Into The Car-Sharing Space

Start-ups may rule in the sharing economy but car sharing offers a ray of hope for established companies looking to profit from this new way of thinking about ownership. Though still a relatively new phenomenon, as demand for car sharing increases traditional companies like car rental firm Avis, which purchased Zipcar in March for $500

How Social Networks Could Impact The Future of Stock Trading

Classic investment theory suggests the best returns occur when people trade on information that is not freely available. But two academics from the MIT Media Lab think they have mathematical proof that sharing info with the right people in social networking communities can significantly boost stock trading returns. If they are right, wealth could be

Social Lending Gains Interest

Strapped businesses are increasingly turning to peer-to-peer lending platforms such as Lending Club in the U.S. and Funding Circle in the UK rather than banks or traditional investors for loans. They are having no trouble finding money: with interest rates languishing at historic lows people have little financial incentive to park their money inside savings

The Growing Appetite For P2P Food Sharing

The boom in collaborative consumption has shown that with the right website, a bit of buzz and some initial financing, sharing just about anything — including a home-cooked meal — can be potentially turned into a business.Taking inspiration from the wildly successful Airbnb — the lodging website that has become the benchmark for success in

A New Twist On The Sharing Economy: Peace And Quiet On Demand

Zigzagging the stage at Le Web London 2013 as he pitched his new startup Breather, Julien Smith said that for all their myriad virtues, cities have one particular downside — which, paradoxically, is the very thing that made them great in the first place: people. Smith and cofounder Alex Payne, (the CTO of BankSimple)  are

Peering Into The Future: A Reboot Of All Businesses?

Founded by three taxi drivers and three Internet entrepreneurs, London-based Hailo is a poster child for the collaborative economy. The app, which has half a million registered passengers, helps consumers connect to the closest licensed taxi, putting more power and convenience in the hands of consumers and making the business of driving cabs more efficient.

Martin Varsavsky On The Sharing Economy

Starting half a dozen companies before the age of 40 has taught Martin Varsavsky, one of Spain’s highest-profile entrepreneurs, some valuable lessons. Among them: it’s fun and profitable to challenge monopolies. So it is no surprise that Varsavsky, who made a name for himself by disrupting the telecoms industry, would end up helping to pioneer