MWC 2013 articles

Advertising 2.Go: Is this mobile advertising’s moment?

Advertising 2.Go: Is this mobile advertising’s moment?

It was at the April 2010 launch of iAd, Apple’s mobile advertising platform, that Steve Jobs, prowling the stage in his customary black turtleneck, uttered the words: “We think most [of this] mobile advertising really sucks.” As he himself conceded at the time, it wasn’t the most elegant of phrases. But his words certainly struck

The Operator-Start-up Connection

With their beanbags, primary-color decor and the obligatory table-football areas, tech start-up workplaces have long become something of a self-parody. Nevertheless Wayra’s London incubator for “digital talent” is particularly impressive. It’s located in an expansive open-plan warehouse three stories above Tottenham Court Road in central London. Yes, there are beanbags and a table-football (plus a

Top 25 Global Mobile Start-Ups

To identify the most promising global mobile start-ups Informilo asked some of the most active investors around the globe to nominate and evaluate companies outside their own portfolios. Some are well-known, others are below the radar but unlikely to stay that way for long. This year’s entries include a mobile micro credit company in Nairobi

Mobile Security Poses Threats and Opportunities

With some two-thirds of adults using the Internet to access personal and business information on the go, cyber criminals are finding mobile devices an increasingly attractive target.As more people store things of value – whether it be passwords, corporate secrets, or money — on their mobile devices, the darker side of cyberspace is finding its

Privacy Is Dead: Now What?

One mobile app getting a lot of buzz is Snapchat, a social media message service that is transferring some 60 million messages and videos per day. Part of the platform’s draw is that the user determines how long friends can view messages before they disappear.The app’s popularity underscores peoples’ desire to have more control over

Mobile Money Goes Mainstream

“Open your wallet,” Blackberry’s Frank Maduri says and recalls how, not long ago, people carried around physical photos of their spouse and their children. Those family photos, he says, were the first of your wallet’s contents to jump onto smartphones.The rest of your wallet — the cash, receipts, and various credit, debit and loyalty cards

Mobile Platform Wars

When it comes to mobile operating systems attention usually centers on the highly popular Apple iOS and Google’s Android. But over the next two years, say analysts, innovation in user experiences is likely to come from new software platforms. This year’s Mobile World Congress will see major announcements from Jolla (Sailfish OS), Mozilla (Firefox OS),