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2018: Through The Looking Glass

2018: Through The Looking Glass

What will the mobile industry look like four years from now? The mobile economy is booming, growing at an even faster rate than expected. Recent research by U.S. analysts the Yankee Group predicts that by 2017 it will be valued at $3.1 trillion. That multi-trillion-dollar market is starting to take shape as key enablers, crucially

Operators Step On The Accelerator

Phone Halo, a Santa Barbara-based start-up that makes devices that let you keep track of your phone and easily lost or forgotten items like wallet, glasses and keys, jumped at the chance to apply to become a member of the Orange Fab accelerator's first group of entrepreneurs. Since joining the French telco’s accelerator program in Silicon

Now Facebook Likes Mobile

At the height of its dominance of the Web, Facebook accounted for one in every seven minutes spent on line. It accounted for three out of every four minutes spent on a social network. And then came mobile. When the Menlo Park social media giant floated in May 2012 its stock price dropped like a

Nokia’s Future — Selling Microsoft Cloud Services

BARCELONA—Nokia is dead. Long live Microsoft’s mobile device maker. That was the key take-away from the once mighty Finnish phone giant’s swan-song performance at Mobile World Congress. The irrepressible Stephen Elop, formerly CEO of Nokia, now heading up its devices business ahead of the union with Microsoft, formally announced at Mobile World Congress the much-leaked

Towers of Strength

In the Philippines there are more mobile phone subscriptions than people and social networks have become part of everyday life. So in December 2012 as the government braced itself for the oncoming typhoon that the locals called Pablo it turned to social media. Before the category-5 storm smashed into the islands, wreaking havoc with winds

Top 25 Global Mobile Start-Ups

To identify the most promising global mobile start-ups Informilo asked some of the most active investors around the globe to nominate and evaluate companies outside their own portfolios. Some are well-known, others are below the radar but unlikely to stay that way for long. Below find our 2014 picks for the top 25. Late Stage

The 4 Years From Now Start-Up Finalists

4 Years From Now, a new event focused on start-ups and taking place during Mobile World Congress, will host the Mobile Startup Competition, a contest that seeks to find three winners out of ten finalists based on creativity, originality, innovation and scalability.The finalists, picked from about 450 entries, will pitch to a judging panel that