NOAH 2013 articles

Digital Reboot

Digital Reboot

The way to capture the story of classified advertising in the 21st century is simple, says Peter Zollman, a former newspaperman turned interactive media and digital classified consultant. Imagine an “X.” The line that sweeps down, left to right, is that of major U.S. newspapers’ classified advertising revenues. The rising line is Craigslist’s.“Just compare the

Turning Ads Into Viral Mega-Hits

Visitors to Unruly Media’s headquarters are greeted by statements spelled out in cursive neon that speak volumes about the London-based start-up’s focus. The quotes — “nyan, nyan, nyan,” “Go tell that, homeboy,” and “Boom goes the dynamite,” from Nyan Cat, Antoine Dodson and internet sportscaster Brian Collins, may have yet to enter the canon, but

€7 Million, Seven Contestants, Seven Judges…Three Winners

Outfittery, a Berlin-based personal online shopping service for men that is creating lots of buzz in the market, aims to win over reluctant male shoppers. Its tagline? “We take the pain out of shopping.” The male shopper fills out an online questionnaire that is followed up with a phone call from his “personal stylist.” After

Dealroom Seeks To Improve Europe’s Deal Flow

Yoram Wijngaarde is on a mission to reshape Europe's start-up and venture capital dating scene. The Dealroom founder wants to eliminate time-wasting meetings between ill-matched start-ups and venture capitalists. He also wants to eliminate proprietary VC deals that restrict start-ups’ options and lock others out. But most of all, he wants to end that frustration

The Age of Personalized Advertising

Before making the movie “Minority Report,” Steven Spielberg was strugglingto imagine life in 2050. So he assembled a group of leading science and technology thinkers to spend a weekend dreaming up the future. One of the film’s most memorable depictions was the personalized advertising, where in-store and outdoor advertising addressed consumers directly, taking into account

Recruiting Top Talent Remains Challenging

Arnaud Bertrand has a big problem — one to which most managers of flourishing start-ups across Europe can sadly relate.The founder and CEO of vacation housing service, and a scheduled speaker at the NOAH Conference, an annual event in London which this year is expected to attract around 2,000 people, Bertrand says  he’d expand

Top 25 Fastest-Growing Internet Companies (Europe & Israel)

To identify the most promising fast-growing internet companies in Europe and Israel, Informilo asked some of the most active investors in the sector to nominate and evaluate 25 companies outside their own portfolios. Informilo's Top 25 are not necessarily the biggest or the most senior companies in their respective sectors; they are the ones that

Preparing To Exit

No one is saying that it feels like 1999 again. The average time for a company to go public then was four years; now it is more like 13, says Nelson Griggs, NASDAQ’s Senior Vice-President, Global Corporate Client Group.But European and Israeli tech companies are once again making headlines by opting for IPOs. Russia’s Qiwi,

How Big Can Europe’s Internet Companies Get?

It is not surprising that Paris-based Criteo, an ad tech company that prices and supplies personalized advertising in real time for its e-commerce clients, had an upsized IPO on NASDAQ in late October.Worldwide digital ad spending topped $100 billion in 2012, according to eMarketer.  And digital ad expenditures are projected to nearly double between 2012