Sibos 2012 articles

Top 25 Global Financial Services Start-Ups

To identify the most promising financial services companies across the globe, Informilo asked some of the most active investors in the sector to nominate and evaluate 10 companies outside their own portfolios. The other 15 companies (marked with an asterisk) are the finalists in a competition organized by Innotribe, the innovation arm of SWIFT, the

Banks For A Better World?

It has been a year since SWIFT launched an initiative called Banks For A Better World. And it still sounds like an oxymoron. The past 12 months have been wracked by banking scandals involving greed, corruption and mismanagement. As if that was not bad enough, millions of people, in both the developed and emerging markets,

Can Banks Play A Role In Social Change?

Ashoka, the global organization that identities and invests in social entrepreneurs, is aiming to help the world’s banks launch a social finance innovation platform. A manifesto developed last year by Ashoka and Innotribe, the innovation arm of financial services provider SWIFT, points out that consumers are demanding more transparency and a better balance between profit

The Mobile Commerce Opportunity

Mobile payments are a hot topic in the financial industry and a top priority for banks, and with good reason. Such services are a strategic opportunity for banks, both as a defensive play against new entrants, and as an opportunity for growth by converting cash into electronic transactions. There are five billion mobile phones worldwide

Rebooting Business

Corporations are sometimes locked into doing things a certain way even if no one is happy with the results. That’s why Allevo, a small Bucharest-based software developer, decided to offer banks a get-out-of-jail card. “A payment is a payment,” says Corina Mihalache, (pictured on Informilo’s home page) director of business analysis at Allevo. “It’s processed

Can Banks Disrupt Themselves?

Payments are the Internet’s next frontier, says Manu Sporny, who chairs the web payments group at the World Wide Web Consortium, the organization that sets Internet standards. Then why is it that Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter and IBM all participate in the organization but large financial institutions are conspicuously absent? “That’s the type of reach

It Is Time For A Social Stock Exchange

  Many of the problems in the world today persist because of a too-narrow interpretation of capitalism. Most businesses today are run based on the assumption that people are selfish and interested solely in maximizing their own profit. This is a very one-dimensional view of humans who in reality are very multidimensional. As much as

Banking Needs To Be Reinvented Now

  With today’s economic uncertainty, some may question whether this is a good time to be discussing disruptive innovation in banking. I would argue there is no better time than now. For starters, the business models of the retail branch bank were developed decades ago and no longer fit most people’s lifestyles and needs. The

Digital Data: Will Banks Be The Brokers Of This New Asset Class?

Innotribe, the innovation arm of SWIFT, is proposing a way for banks to become the brokers for all types of exchanges of digital data. It wants to build the underlying infrastructure, called the digital asset grid (DAG), to bring bank-grade identity, privacy and security to the global exchange of any digital asset between any parties.