Sibos 2014 articles

Top 25 Hottest Fintech Start-Ups

To identify the most promising financial services start-ups across the globe Informilo asked some of the most active investors in the sector to nominate and evaluate 10 companies outside their own portfolios. The other 15 are the finalists in a competition organized by Innotribe, the innovation arm of SWIFT, the global financial services provider

Work With Customers To Drive Innovation

While everyone thinks they understand what innovation is, pinning it down and actually trying to measure it proves to be rather harder. Haydn Shaughnessy, the author of a recent report, “The Bluefin Solutions Elastic Innovation Index, 2014: Global top 50 most innovative companies” and a scheduled speaker at Innotribe, thinks he has cracked the problem.

It Is Time To Become A Network

A few years ago, I wrote a book called The New Normal. It was about the power of digital, and about what happens with consumers and companies once it became normality. Today we see digital as a given. Yet, what a lot of organizations fail to acknowledge is how it has completely changed their environment.