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Shazam’s Saga: Scaling Up Has Its Perils And Its Rewards

Shazam’s Saga: Scaling Up Has Its Perils And Its Rewards

Shazam, a London-based music discovery service with some 250 million users around the globe, has helped Europe become a category leader in audio over the Internet. It is one of Europe’s tech stars.But for Shazam scaling up has been anything but easy: getting where it is today required moving continents, replacing the founders, surviving a

Q & A With Rohan Silva, Senior Policy Advisor To British Prime Minister David Cameron

Rohan Silva, senior policy adviser to British Prime Minister David Cameron, works across all areas of government policy, but has made technology and innovation a priority. Silva has also been responsible for developing key policies to improve the environment for start-ups in the UK, such as the EIS tax changes announced in Budget 2011, the

Q & A With Cambridge Tech Pioneer Hermann Hauser

Hermann Hauser, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, has been a pillar of the Cambridge tech community since the 1970s. He co-founded Acorn computer in 1978, which played an instrumental role in the BBC Micro project. The BBC Microcomputer System, or BBC Micro, was a series of microcomputers and associated peripherals designed and built by the

Disrupting The Class Room

When a friend suggested in 2006 to Salman Khan that he record the tutorials he prepared for his younger cousins on YouTube so Khan wouldn’t have to repeat the same lessons over and over, his response was: “No! YouTube’s for dogs on skateboards, it’s not for serious learning.”Fortunately for the six million students who visit

Start Me Up

Quick. In which areas of the city are you more likely to be mugged? The data was in government computers but wasn’t much help to unsuspecting visitors to dicey areas of London until a group of university students created an app for that.The app, which uses crime data to create walking directions that avoid high-crime

Top 25 UK Scale-Up Companies

On the occasion of Silicon Valley Comes To the UK, an annual conference started six years ago by Cambridge-based serial entrepreneur Sherry Coutu and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffmann, now a partner in the Silicon venture firm Greylock Partners , Informilo identified UK companies that have scaled to achieve the magic £100 million in revenue, or

Building Billion Dollar Babies

QlikTech, a start-up born in Sweden that pioneered a disruptive new approach to business intelligence software, negates some common myths about Europe: European companies are mostly copycats, they don’t scale, and they need to hire American executives to drive the business. QlikTech thrived by first targeting small business customers that were below the radar of