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How Going Digital Is Changing Everything

Sweden’s Electrolux is no stranger to reinvention. The company, which was incorporated as Lux in 1901, specialized in selling kerosene lamps and other forms of lighting until soon after the first World War when a former employee named Axel Wenner-Gren came up with an idea for transforming industrial vacuums into domestic devices and convinced the

Schibsted’s Digital Reboot

When Norwegian media group Schibsted launched, an online classified site, in 2000 the company’s executives knew it would cannibalize a vital revenue stream for its more than 140-year-old national newspaper Aftenposten and its sibling Verdens Gang. It was hard seeing the traditional business suffer, but the publishing company, which was first launched in 1839,

Top 25 Hottest Scandinavian Internet Companies

To identify the most promising Internet companies in Scandinavia, Informilo asked some of the most active investors in the sector to nominate and evaluate 25 companies outside their own portfolios. Some are well known, others are below the radar but unlikely to stay there for long. Sweden has arguably produced more billion dollar Internet companies

Stockholm’s Sizzling Start-Up Scene

In the mid 1990s, Swedish business school students like Jacob de Geer were prepping to become bankers or consultants.Then several Swedes helped to pioneer the European Internet scene. Among them was SIME conference organizer Ola Ahlvarsson, a co-founder of Boxman, which, in the late 1990s, became the largest European e-commerce store selling CDs online. Ahlvarsson

Q&A With Angel Investor, Advisor to Spotify And Bitcoin Believer Shakil Khan

Shakil Khan, a well-known entrepreneur and angel investor who divides his time between London, San Francisco, New York and various airports is a scheduled speaker in the “digital rock stars” track at the SIME conference in Stockholm November 12th and 13th.He recently spoke to Informilo Editor-in-Chief Jennifer L. Schenker about Spotify, the future of money

Social Media’s Impact On Brands

Like fireworks, dozens of small dots flare up and fade over a map of the world on a big screen on Lars Silberbauer’s office wall at LEGO’s headquarters in Billund, Denmark. Each dot represents a social media conversation happening in real time across the toy maker’s 130 markets. Three other 60-inch screens show the stream

Sweden Helps Define The Future Of TV

While traditional television broadcasters struggle to adapt their vast empires to the new realities of YouTube, smartphones, tablets and time-shifting viewing devices, nimble newcomers, including Stockholm’s United Screens, MTG and Magine, are seeking to shape the future of TV by redefining the way content is transmitted, consumed and monetized. Changes in media consumption have created

Building Billion Dollar Babies

QlikTech, a start-up born in Sweden that pioneered a disruptive new approach to business intelligence software, negates some common myths about Europe: European companies are mostly copycats, they don’t scale, and they need to hire American executives to drive the business. QlikTech thrived by first targeting small business customers that were below the radar of