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Shazam’s Saga: Scaling Up Has Its Perils And Its Rewards

Shazam’s Saga: Scaling Up Has Its Perils And Its Rewards

Shazam, a London-based music discovery service with some 250 million users around the globe, has helped Europe become a category leader in audio over the Internet. It is one of Europe’s tech stars.But for Shazam scaling up has been anything but easy: getting where it is today required moving continents, replacing the founders, surviving a

Sandbox In The Sky

Eric Van der Kleij, the former CEO of London’s Tech City initiative, is earnestly explaining his new mission: connecting big corporations with the city’s most exciting financial services and retail-focused start-ups, when he suddenly stops to peer out the window at a flying object. “Amazing,” he reflects, “we are higher than the helicopters.” Van der

Baking Tech Into Marketing

Brands marketers are hungry for innovation and new ways to engage their customers, but at the same time the tech landscape seems confusing and fraught with risk. Meanwhile, the tech entrepreneurs often have such a laser focus on a particular idea they fail to see who could use it most. The Bakery, a new London-based

London’s Top 25 Hottest Companies

To identify the most promising start-ups in London Informilo asked some of the most active investors to nominate and evaluate companies outside their own portfolios. Some are well-known, others are below the radar but unlikely to stay that way for long. The list includes financial services start-ups such as Wonga, Transferwise and Gocardless, gaming companies

Protecting The Inbox

How many emails do you have in your inbox? In general, each one represents a task – something to read, a query to answer, a meeting to book, a bill to pay, a request to fulfill or deny, even a friend’s post to like. Also on your to-do list: Facebook messages, LinkedIn intro requests, twitter

Can Tech City Build Billion- Dollar Businesses?

Tech industry veteran Joanna Shields helped Google and Facebook grow their businesses in Europe but what really cemented her fame in London was an earlier career move: orchestrating the infamous sale of social networking site Bebo to AOL, the city’s largest consumer Internet exit to date. Shields’s experience at a high-growth start-up and her track

Joanna Shields Outlines Her Plans for the UK’s Tech City And The Rest Of The UK

Joanna Shields, a scheduled speaker at London Web Summit, was recently appointed Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the UK’s Tech City Investment Organisation and the UK’s Business Ambassador for Digital Industries. Prior to this she was Facebook’s European boss. She has also held senior positions at RealNetworks, Google, Bebo and AOL. While CEO of