Web Summit 2013 articles

Stripe Co-Founder John Collison On Why Banks Are Not Leading In Payments

Innovation in the payments space is harder than in most markets: it requires pushing boundaries from both a technological as well as a regulatory standpoint. Naturally, as we look at less technologically-oriented companies (like major banks), this problem becomes more pronounced. Because they focus on providing services to well-established businesses, not a fast-moving base of

Serial Entrepreneur And Mega-VC Joe Lonsdale On Big Data’s Big Opportunities

Joe Lonsdale, is the co-founder of Formation 8, a top new Silicon Valley venture capital firm, which succeeded in raising one of the largest funds in the Valley in the last decade. Lonsdale, now 31, got his start studying computer engineering at Stanford University and interning at PayPal.After graduation he joined Clarium Capital, the investment

What Is Your Legacy?

Two years after tying its fate to Microsoft’s Windows Phone software, Nokia, which once dominated the global mobile market, sold its handset division to the U.S. software giant. It was a spectacular fall, one that should serve as a cautionary tale for any big tech company. Nokia, a 149-year-old firm with a market value that

Going Digital: An Interview With WPP’s Mark Read

Global digital advertising spending broke through the $100 billion barrier last year, according to eMarketer, meaning that desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile advertising now accounts for about a fifth of the market. While the milestone made for eye-catching headlines, it’s only the first phase of an inexorable revolution which will see the advertising and marketing

Atomico’s Zennstrom, Hailo’s Bregman and Klarna’s Adalberth On Scaling Up

At Web Summit founding partner of tech investment firm Atomico and co-founder of Skype Niklas Zennström, Hailo CEO Jay Bregman and Klarna Deputy CEO Niklas Adalberth will talk on stage about the challenges of scaling up companies. To date, Hailo, a service that allows consumers in cities around the world to connect to the closest

Top 25 Hottest Start-Ups To Meet At Web Summit

About a year ago Web Summit created START, an elite invite-only gathering designed to allow 150 early-stage companies to meet with investors. Waze, Stripe, SmartThings, Coursera and Hailo, to name but a few, went on to define their respective industries. For this year’s Web Summit the team spoke to more than 7,000 start-ups from over

Digital Dublin

After visiting Ireland last year for the first time for the F.ounders conference, Ryan Smith, founder of the survey software company Qualtrics, decided to set up the company’s international headquarters in the Irish capital. It was the first time the Salt Lake City start-up opened an office outside its own headquarters. Although the decision to