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Why I Am Joining Informilo As Co-Editor-in-Chief

In the canon of great cinematic works few shine brighter than the seminal “Princess Diaries”, a rich guide to life’s turmoils. “The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all,” as Edouard Christoph Philippe Gérard Rinaldi, Prince of Genovia so wisely said. It is time to live a bit. After

Stripe Co-Founder John Collison On Why Banks Are Not Leading In Payments

Innovation in the payments space is harder than in most markets: it requires pushing boundaries from both a technological as well as a regulatory standpoint. Naturally, as we look at less technologically-oriented companies (like major banks), this problem becomes more pronounced. Because they focus on providing services to well-established businesses, not a fast-moving base of

A London Start-up’s Perspective on TechStars Patriot Boot Camp

We love London.  My co-founder and I graduated from London Business School a year ago, united by the fact that we both love London’s business community, rich cultural diversity, and hub as a global community.  As avid travelers and international businessmen before business school, we both felt that there was nowhere else like London.  And

Message to French Presidential Candidates: Do More To Support Start-ups

The eighth annual “Truffle 100” index, the benchmark ranking of France’s top 100 software companies compiled by Truffle Capital with support from Eric Besson, the French Minister for Industry, Energy and the Digital Economy, and in partnership with analysts at the CXP Centre for Software Evaluation, ought to be of great concern to the leading

How Banks Might Transform Their Businesses and The Future of The Internet

Some 9,500 banks from around the world are currently meeting in Toronto to discuss the state of the industry at an annual industry gathering called Sibos.  Amongst the topics is “Where is the Growth in 2012 and Beyond.” Banks need to consider the answer carefully.  They risk becoming boring utilities, ceding the most interesting –and

Leadership in the Female Decade: DLD Women 2011

It is lonely at the top, and all the more so if you are a woman. But that’s changing. DLDWomen, a conference in Munich June 29-30 organized by Burda Media, featured three senior female politicians and some of the architects of the women's movement, along with top women in tech such as Google's Megan Smith,