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Going Global From France

Europe is full of national champions and U.S. companies are very good at snapping them up in their bid to build international giants. But that is starting to change as European start-ups get better at the art of scaling. Sweden has a particularly good track record: think Qliktech, MySQL and Spotify. Now the French are

London’s Traditional Tech Strengths

It took only six months for Adbrain, a Campus London start-up focused on targeted digital advertising across multiple devices, to move from idea to assembling a four-person team, developing a product and pitching for a $1.5 million seed round. One year later, the company, which was originally formed inside the Entrepreneur First program on the

Now Facebook Likes Mobile

At the height of its dominance of the Web, Facebook accounted for one in every seven minutes spent on line. It accounted for three out of every four minutes spent on a social network. And then came mobile. When the Menlo Park social media giant floated in May 2012 its stock price dropped like a

Making People Happy to Get Advertising

Most advertising companies extract your data and give you nothing in return. But a Boston start-up targeting emerging markets rewards consumers who engage in ads with real benefits.The service, called Jana Mobile ("Jana" means “people” in Sanskrit), is tapping into several major trends: people are recognizing the value of their personal data and will increasingly

Digital Reboot

The way to capture the story of classified advertising in the 21st century is simple, says Peter Zollman, a former newspaperman turned interactive media and digital classified consultant. Imagine an “X.” The line that sweeps down, left to right, is that of major U.S. newspapers’ classified advertising revenues. The rising line is Craigslist’s.“Just compare the