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King Saga: The Story Behind The Maker Of Candy Crush Saga

King Saga: The Story Behind The Maker Of Candy Crush Saga

Early in its life King, the makers of the popular Candy Crush Saga, came within a day of going bust, yet months later landed an eye-popping $23 million A round. It has pivoted not once but twice and in doing so produced one of the world’s most successful games out of London and then floated

London’s Traditional Tech Strengths

It took only six months for Adbrain, a Campus London start-up focused on targeted digital advertising across multiple devices, to move from idea to assembling a four-person team, developing a product and pitching for a $1.5 million seed round. One year later, the company, which was originally formed inside the Entrepreneur First program on the

Winning Moves

The surprising runaway success of Flappy Bird shows the folly in trying to predict what The Next Big Thing in games is going to be, but industry observers agree on two things: the global mobile gaming industry will continue to show explosive growth (the tablet games market alone will grow 400% until 2016, to reach

How Big Can Europe’s Internet Companies Get?

It is not surprising that Paris-based Criteo, an ad tech company that prices and supplies personalized advertising in real time for its e-commerce clients, had an upsized IPO on NASDAQ in late October.Worldwide digital ad spending topped $100 billion in 2012, according to eMarketer.  And digital ad expenditures are projected to nearly double between 2012

Game On

Istanbul-based Peak Games’s farming simulation games don’t include pigs or vineyards. Tailoring for the local market consists, among other things, of women characters wearing the hijab and creating the online equivalent of a Turkish coffeehouse’s ambiance — including the smoke, coffee and baklava. If that sounds too niche to be interesting think again. Three-year-old Peak

What’s Next For ZeptoLab?

ZeptoLab, a Russian-British gaming company launched its new game “Pudding Monsters” today at Le Web, an annual Internet conference in Paris organized by Loic and Geraldine Le Meur. The company is hoping for a repeat of its hit game “Cut the Rope.” ZeptoLab is an example of how Europe is — for the first time

King’s Facebook Foray Pays Off

King, a 10-year-old online gaming company headquartered in the UK, waited until April 2011 to release its first Facebook game. Some predicted it was too late to get into that game but has surprised the industry: it is now the second-largest game company on Facebook, surpassing Electronic Arts and Wooga. “Facebook has helped us get

Europe’s Got Game

Supercell might just be the most successful start-up you’ve never heard of: The young Helsinki-based company launched two iPad games, one in late June called Hay Day, the other in August, called Clash of Clans. One instantly became a global hit, the other a blockbuster, and the company has been generating $500,000 a day in