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Evolution Of The Marketplace

In the early days of the web Craigslist’s horizontal listing-based marketplace was all things to all people as speed, simplicity and liquidity were the key success factors in the market. A few vertical competitors emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s, illustrated by sites like Monster, 1stdibs and HomeAway. These sites typically retained a

The Future of Retail

More than 95% of browsers leave e-commerce sites without buying. Brick-and-mortar stores enjoy a much higher conversion rate: on average some 20% of shoppers at fashion boutiques make a purchase, 50% of those who enter electronics stores buy merchandise, while only 5% of people who go to the grocery store leave empty-handed. The key, as

Accel’s Sonali de Rycker On The Future of Fintech, E-Commerce and Digital Media

Sonali de Rycker, a scheduled speaker at DLD14, an annual conference in Munich, has been active in the European venture business for 14 years, focusing on consumer Internet and digital media sectors investments such as Avito, HouseTrip, KupiVIP, Wonga, and Spotify. Prior to Accel, she was a partner at Atlas Venture in London. She

Russia’s Red-Hot E-Commerce Market Will See Explosive Growth In The Next 10 Years

With a skyrocketing number of Internet users, but a still under-developed commercial environment, the opportunity to build phenomenally-successful domestic e-commerce businesses in Russia is huge. Just under half of the Russian population — some 61 million people — were online in Russia in 2012, already the largest online community in Europe and growing rapidly, according

How Big Can Europe’s Internet Companies Get?

It is not surprising that Paris-based Criteo, an ad tech company that prices and supplies personalized advertising in real time for its e-commerce clients, had an upsized IPO on NASDAQ in late October.Worldwide digital ad spending topped $100 billion in 2012, according to eMarketer.  And digital ad expenditures are projected to nearly double between 2012