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Accel’s Sonali de Rycker On The Future of Fintech, E-Commerce and Digital Media

Sonali de Rycker, a scheduled speaker at DLD14, an annual conference in Munich, has been active in the European venture business for 14 years, focusing on consumer Internet and digital media sectors investments such as Avito, HouseTrip, KupiVIP, Wonga, Seatwave.com and Spotify. Prior to Accel, she was a partner at Atlas Venture in London. She

Ostrovok Capitalizing on Russia’s E-Commerce Boom

Russian hotel booking site Ostrovok.ru has raised a new $25 million round from General Catalyst Partners, Frontier Ventures, Accel Partners and other investors, almost tripling the amount the Russian hotel booking site has raised in the past two years.Ostrovok is riding a growing e-commerce wave in Russia that has produced several national champions including Ozon,

Q & A With Accel Partners’ Philippe Botteri

Philippe Botteri, a judge in the start-up competition at Le Web, an annual Paris-based Internet conference that attracts a global audience, has worked in the technology industry for the past 15 years, most of it based in Silicon Valley. Since joining Accel Partners in London in 2011 Botteri’s focus has primarily been on the Internet,

Oskar Hartmann Ventures Into The Fast Lane

Refined, adjusted, adapted, copied…all words that have been used to describe what entrepreneur Oskar Hartmann borrowed did with a variety of western online retailing websites when he created online shopping club KupiVIP,which looks and feels very much like vente-privee.com and similar sites such as Privalia. While one could make a convincing argument for each definition,

What’s Next For Wonga

Errol Damelin, founder and chief executive of short-term online lender Wonga, is the popular choice for Europe’s Entrepreneur of the Year. He won the top prize from the European Tech Tour Association at a recent gala awards ceremony in London and was named e-commerce and technology entrepreneur of 2011 by Ernst & Young. Damelin is

The Shift To Late Stage Investing In Europe

Showroomprive.com, a four-year-old private online sales company that competes with France’s Vente-privee.com, managed to attract 3 million members and 75 million euros in revenue without any outside help. But to meet its goal of becoming a pan-European player the Paris-based company needed “smart money”, connections to a venture capital firm that understands how to scale

Building Europe’s Next Billion Dollar Businesses: Icera’s Story

British fabless chip company Icera’s story  contains important lessons for companies wishing to become global giants. Europe has deep strengths in hard core technology. And now it has a new generation of managers that have already been through the experience once of building companies in Europe and have no need to cash out early. It

An Economic Argument For the Female Decade

I was a teenager in the 1970s, the heady days of the women’s movement when bra burning and slogans such as “A Woman Without A Man Is Like a Fish Without A Bicycle”  were in vogue.  We were promised we could have it all. There has most certainly been progress in the last 30 years.

Electronic Arts Accelerates Move Into Social Gaming With Playfish Acquisition

In an anticipated deal Electronic Arts announced November 9 that it will buy Playfish, a London-based company that produces games for friends to play together over social and mobile platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Google, iPhone and Android. Playfish, a two-year-old company backed by Accel Partners and Index Ventures, is disrupting the traditional video