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Net 2023: Peering Into The Future

Net 2023: Peering Into The Future

Unmanned drones delivering Amazon parcels. 3D printing machines that can produce a tiny heart valve to save a baby’s life or a working gun. That future is already here. So what do the next 10 years on the Net have in store? To find out, Informilo interviewed over a dozen scheduled speakers at LeWeb, an

Driving Change: From Solar-Powered Race Cars to Driverless Vehicles

Megan Smith, Google’s vice-president, new business development, is no ordinary engineer. She is adventurous: she once raced a solar-powered car 2,000 miles across Australia’s Outback. She has a knack for business, helping PlanetOut, a gay and lesbian online community, grow tenfold in reach and revenue, during her tenure as chief executive. And she is a