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Evolution Of The Marketplace

Evolution Of The Marketplace

In the early days of the web Craigslist’s horizontal listing-based marketplace was all things to all people as speed, simplicity and liquidity were the key success factors in the market. A few vertical competitors emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s, illustrated by sites like Monster, 1stdibs and HomeAway. These sites typically retained a

Emotional Commerce

It is one thing to buy a utilitarian object while shopping. It is quite another to make an emotional connection with a beautifully-crafted product with a back-story. “The trend we want to create is emotional commerce, a highly-engaged experience that pulls the customer in, allows them to learn about and cherish the product, buy from us,

25 of Europe’s Hottest Digital Media Companies

To identify the most promising Internet companies in Europe Informilo asked some of the Continent’s most active investors to nominate companies outside their own portfolios. While companies copying existing business models are doing well we chose to spotlight innovative European technologies or business models, from early to late stage. We did not include music and