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Europe’s New Data Protection Rules

Viviane Reding, the Vice-President of the European Commission, is spearheading reform of Europe’s data protection laws. Reding, a scheduled speaker at the DLD conference in Munich January 22-24, negotiated a major overhaul of the Continent’s telecommunications sector as the member of the Commission responsible for Information Society and Media from 2004-2010. The reforms included a

Charging Ahead

Who hasn’t found themselves stuck, outside the home, at the most inconvenient times possible, with a dead phone? Forget juicing up if you don’t have your own charger on hand.  The chance of borrowing one from anyone in close proximity is unlikely, as even smartphones made by the same manufacturer often require different chargers.  This

Does France Hold The Key to the European Software Sector’s Future?

It is an all too familiar story.  European software companies grow to a certain size but have trouble scaling and are eventually bought by foreign, typically U.S. companies, leaving Europe with a dearth of global champions in a sector that is at the very core of the IT sector. But a French decree passed in