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Now Facebook Likes Mobile

Now Facebook Likes Mobile

At the height of its dominance of the Web, Facebook accounted for one in every seven minutes spent on line. It accounted for three out of every four minutes spent on a social network. And then came mobile. When the Menlo Park social media giant floated in May 2012 its stock price dropped like a

Q &A With Chris Daniels, Facebook’s VP of Business Development

Chris Daniels, Facebook’s Menlo Park-based Vice President of Business Development, is a scheduled speaker at LeWeb Paris, an annual Internet conference that attracts some 3,500 people from around the globe. Daniels joined Facebook in 2011. Prior to that he spent five years at Microsoft, where, among other things, he was responsible for Bing mobile product

Facebook Woos Israeli Developers

It’s no accident that DLD Tel Aviv Festival, Israel’s hottest digital conference, will this year host what Facebook expects to be the largest platform developers’ event it has ever organized on non-U.S. soil.  While Facebook developer events attract 250 people in cities like London and Paris, more than double that number are expected to show

Facebook’s Julien Codorniou On How To Make Your Game An App Store Star

Julien Codorniou, a scheduled speaker at Le Web London 2013, is head of EMEA partnerships at Facebook, overseeing partner relations for gaming companies building on the Facebook Platform and managing platform marketing activities in EMEA. He recently spoke with Informilo Editor-in-Chief Jennifer L. Schenker about how Europe’s gaming companies have ended up playing starring roles

Facebook’s Joanna Shields on Mobile and Social

Joanna Shields, Facebook’s Vice President and Managing Director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has played an important role in Europe’s Internet scene for over a decade.After moving to the UK in 2000 to run Real Networks International, she served as Google’s Managing Director of Syndication and Partnerships for EMEA.  She left Google to

Europe’s Facebook Economy

Although Deezer, a popular French music streaming service, expanded into the UK in September, the bulk of its subscribers are in France.That’s about to change. Thanks to Facebook, Deezer is going global overnight. At Le Web 2011 CEO Axel Dauchez (pictured on Informilo's home page) is expected to announce that the music streaming service, which

The Future Is Here: So Is Silicon Valley

QuBit Digital, a start-up focusing on analyzing big data for business, was founded by four ex-Google employees who funded the new company by selling their own Google options and investing their life savings in the London-based venture. It is no anomaly. Just as the so-called Paypal mafia in Silicon Valley ended up defining the next