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Let A Thousand Start-Ups Bloom

What a difference a year makes. When the local digerati gathered in Paris in 2012 for LeWeb, an annual Internet conference that attracts a global audience, the atmosphere was morose. An initiative by the new government to tax capital gains as salary had led investors and entrepreneurs to form a lobby group called “Les Pigeons,”

Message to French Presidential Candidates: Do More To Support Start-ups

The eighth annual “Truffle 100” index, the benchmark ranking of France’s top 100 software companies compiled by Truffle Capital with support from Eric Besson, the French Minister for Industry, Energy and the Digital Economy, and in partnership with analysts at the CXP Centre for Software Evaluation, ought to be of great concern to the leading

Cloud Computing With Borders May Be On Horizon in Europe

A proposal to build a national federation of interconnected computing clouds in France, funded in part by government in order to protect the country’s sovereignty, data privacy and local jobs, is gaining favor. Some fear that the idea, which is in part a backlash against American companies like Google, will spread to other parts of

France’s Biotech Sector To Get Government Stimulous

France, like other countries around the world, must choose if it will use its stimulus package to prop up ailing industrial giants or make bets on young innovative companies. The government announced June 3 that it will team with France Biotech to aid life science companies, but it is still unclear how much of the

Does France Hold The Key to the European Software Sector’s Future?

It is an all too familiar story.  European software companies grow to a certain size but have trouble scaling and are eventually bought by foreign, typically U.S. companies, leaving Europe with a dearth of global champions in a sector that is at the very core of the IT sector. But a French decree passed in