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Work With Customers To Drive Innovation

While everyone thinks they understand what innovation is, pinning it down and actually trying to measure it proves to be rather harder. Haydn Shaughnessy, the author of a recent report, “The Bluefin Solutions Elastic Innovation Index, 2014: Global top 50 most innovative companies” and a scheduled speaker at Innotribe, thinks he has cracked the problem.

Innovation Models For The Digital Age

Enterprises and organizations of all kinds — banks and financial services companies among them — are finding they have to innovate more to keep up with changes in the turbulent external business environment. They also need to adapt their internal organizational structures to deal with this. However, very few organizations grasp the full extent of

Collaborating In The Cloud

People in more than 800 organizations, including the U.S. Department of Defense, are already using CollabNet technology to allow geographically dispersed teams to work together in “the cloud” to develop and deploy better software faster. CollabNet, co-founded by open-source pioneers Bill Portelli and Apache Foundation leader Brian Behlendorf, is one of 26 companies named a

Microsoft Europe Chairman: The Technology Opportunities and Legal Challenges Ahead

When Microsoft Europe Chairman Jan Muehlfeit recently met with Informilo in Brussels he talked about how software can transform healthcare, energy efficiency  and education. He also outlined the opportunities the Redmond-based software giant offers start-ups through its BizSpark program. And, he addressed how Microsoft is once again facing a showdown with the European Commission. “In