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Top 25 Hottest London Start-Ups

London’s established successful tech companies include Shazam, Wonga, Mind Candy, Songkick and Alfresco. Informilo polled some of the most active venture capital and angel investors in London to come up with a list of the current hot crop of start-ups, including some that are below the radar. Nominations are vetted by the group and only

London’s Digital Revolution Is Incomplete

Home to dazzling start-ups, the best access to early stage capital in Europe, a world-famous arts and design scene, a global financial center and 20+ category-breakout tech companies including Funding Circle, JUST EAT, King, Mimecast, Transferwise, Swiftkey and Zoopla, London today is the center of Europe’s digital revolution. But it’s an Internet-led success story which

Putting London Fintech On The Global Map

Adam Joyce and James Smith no longer wear pinstripes. They have left jobs in the City, London’s financial district, and now work alongside T-shirt-clad dreamers in Campus London. There, in Seedcamp’s fourth floor co-working space, they are trying to invent the future of banking services. Joyce, a soft-spoken mathematician, honed his skills at an options

London Tech Needs Immigrants

Adbrain, one of the most successful companies to come out of Campus London to date, attributes its achievements — which include attracting over $8 million in funding and partnerships with some of the biggest names in advertising — to having a diverse international team. The adtech company’s 30 employees include 12 different nationalities, many of

Campus Looks To Scale

In many ways, Campus London’s trajectory is much like that of any successful start-up: the first phase was all about establishing a minimum viable product. The next stage is all about scaling.London already had plenty of accelerators and co-working spaces when Google decided to launch Campus London. What London needed was a hub that would

Why Politics and Policy Should Matter To Start-Ups

The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec) is an independent non-profit lobbying group which represents tech start-ups and entrepreneurs to government on policy and regulatory issues. It was formed in response to the 2010 Digital Economy Act’s passage through parliament to give start-ups a voice alongside of corporate giants in key policy discussions. Today Coadec,

TechHub’s Start-Ups Forge Strong Bonds

Using TechHub’s office space has been transformational for Planvine, a start-up that aims to build the world’s largest distribution and advertising network for events. Planvine cut the time it needs to collect calendar info for its events site from four hours to four minutes by using the technology of another TechHub member-data extraction specialist Import.io

Adbrain Moved From Idea To Fund-Raising in Record Time

If there were any doubts that a Campus program targeting individual entrepreneurs could build promising companies with global ambitions in record time, AdBrain, a start-up developing a real time, multi-screen digital advertising platform, is dispelling them. The young company, formed inside the Entrepreneur First program on the third floor of Campus, is in the process