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Adding Social Media Into The Marketing Mix

Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with other social media, are considered essential tools when setting up a new business — kind of like fax machines were around 30 years ago, says social media strategist Ramon De Leon, a scheduled speaker at LeWeb in Paris. But when you ask people why, the majority struggle to respond,

Social Media’s Impact On Brands

Like fireworks, dozens of small dots flare up and fade over a map of the world on a big screen on Lars Silberbauer’s office wall at LEGO’s headquarters in Billund, Denmark. Each dot represents a social media conversation happening in real time across the toy maker’s 130 markets. Three other 60-inch screens show the stream

Managing The Message

Karen Wickre gets what is perhaps the most important thing about any social media channel, be it a blog, Twitter, or any other service: it is what you want it to be; there are no rules. Before becoming editorial director at Twitter, where she shapes the way the company communicates publicly,Wickre spent nine years at