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Rebooting Banking For The 21st Century

Many banks are trying to transform themselves for the digital age but few have gone as far as Poland’s BRE Bank, which rebooted earlier this year by scrapping its traditional brand and redesigning itself from scratch.BRE, which launched in Poland in the 1980s and later became a strategic investment of Commerzbank, first tested Internet services by launching mBank, a pure-play online bank

Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms Begin Partnering With Banks

For Renaud Laplanche, it began with a bank statement — or a pair of statements. Laplanche, then an executive at Oracle, was reading the fine print on his bank-issued credit card statement and another for his savings account and compared the two. If he didn’t pay off his credit card, the monthly interest on what he

How Design Thinking Could Transform Banking

Vince Voron, a scheduled speaker at Sibos in Dubai, has more than 20 years of design experience at two of the world’s most iconic brands: Apple and Coca-Cola. He recently took on a job as Vice President of Dolby Labs, leading a marketing team which includes design, brand management, digital/experiential marketing, content, production and the

Sleeping With The Enemy

Square, the first start-up to enable self-employed professionals and small merchants to accept card payments via smartphones and tablets,processed payments of over $10 billion in 2012. Its phenomenal success did not escape  the attention of Banco Santander, the leading bank in the Eurozone by market cap and the largest financial group in Spain and Latin

A Global Exchange For Personal Data

Can SWIFT, the global financial services provider, succeed in doing what Microsoft and other tech titans famously failed to achieve? It is exploring an initiative that could provoke a sea change on the Internet that is so significant and so widespread in scope that the digerati say it could mirror the shift from mainframes to

The Future of Money

The scene is a restaurant: A waitress has just left the check on the table for a group of friends dining together. Mobile phones are pulled out and the diners take turns scanning the code on the bill. One person slips something that looks like a credit card out of her wallet. Fingers tap on

How Banks Might Transform Their Businesses and The Future of The Internet

Some 9,500 banks from around the world are currently meeting in Toronto to discuss the state of the industry at an annual industry gathering called Sibos.  Amongst the topics is “Where is the Growth in 2012 and Beyond.” Banks need to consider the answer carefully.  They risk becoming boring utilities, ceding the most interesting –and