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Tech City UK New CEO Interview: Grech’s Challenge

Tech City UK New CEO Interview: Grech’s Challenge

What exactly is Tech City? A simple question to ask, a trickier one to answer. When the initiative was launched by UK Prime Minster David Cameron, in November 2010, he was clear: “A hub that stretches from Shoreditch and Old Street to the Olympic Park,” he told the audience in east London.More than three years

Adbrain Moved From Idea To Fund-Raising in Record Time

If there were any doubts that a Campus program targeting individual entrepreneurs could build promising companies with global ambitions in record time, AdBrain, a start-up developing a real time, multi-screen digital advertising platform, is dispelling them. The young company, formed inside the Entrepreneur First program on the third floor of Campus, is in the process

Britain’s Got (Tech) Talent

An ever-growing number of tech incubators and accelerators select start-ups based on the strength of their teams, rather than their business ideas, which frequently fizzle out in their earliest iterations. But few, if any, use the blueprint developed by Entrepreneur First, a talent accelerator that targets graduates, who apply individually, with neither pitch nor partner.

Can Tech City Build Billion- Dollar Businesses?

Tech industry veteran Joanna Shields helped Google and Facebook grow their businesses in Europe but what really cemented her fame in London was an earlier career move: orchestrating the infamous sale of social networking site Bebo to AOL, the city’s largest consumer Internet exit to date. Shields’s experience at a high-growth start-up and her track

Joanna Shields Outlines Her Plans for the UK’s Tech City And The Rest Of The UK

Joanna Shields, a scheduled speaker at London Web Summit, was recently appointed Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the UK’s Tech City Investment Organisation and the UK’s Business Ambassador for Digital Industries. Prior to this she was Facebook’s European boss. She has also held senior positions at RealNetworks, Google, Bebo and AOL. While CEO of

London’s Bid To Become A Global Tech Hub

London’s bid to become a global tech hub has not escaped the attention of its neighbor across the Channel. When Silicon Valley’s technorati visited London this Fall one group was invited to Buckingham Palace by none other than Prince Andrew. Another was invited to 10 Downing Street to rub shoulders with Prime Minister David Cameron.