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High-Tech Haredim

High-Tech Haredim

Members of the Garage Geeks, a group of scrappy, beer-drinking Israeli entrepreneurs who regularly assemble to play Guitar Hero, barbecue meat in the abandoned chassis of a wrecked car, and tinker with tech, were out in full force last May at a “Meet The Industry Leaders” event. On stage were an unlikely duo: Ashton Kutcher,

Is Your Idea Worth $1 Million?

I have been asked to help judge Nokia’s Growth Economy Venture Challenge, a contest seeking the best idea for a new mobile product or solution designed to can dramatically improve the lives of people who live in developing countries where the average income is under $5 a day.  The winning start-up will receive a $1

France’s Silicon Sentier Reaches Out to Tel Aviv’s Techies

Israeli tech companies have long looked to the U.S. for inspiration, funding and expansion, but the March 18 opening of HaCantina, a Tel Aviv branch of Paris entrepreneurial hub “La Cantine”,  could signal the start of a new era. The Tel Aviv tech community is increasingly connecting with French enterpreneurs in areas such as open

Israeli Innovation: From Garage Geeks to a School that Seeks to Repair the World

Innovation is alive in well in Israel, despite predictions by tech columnist Sarah Lacy that China will eclipse it.  I side with the techaviv blog that new companies like Boxee, Kaltura, Outbrain, fring, Face.com, plaYCE, Gigya, Innovid and Dapper are ushering in a new, exciting era of Israeli high tech.  I saw a lot of